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Nederlands Ingress Resistance Nieuws

NIRN stands for the Dutch abbreviation Netherlands Ingress Resistance News. NIRN is the community which informs you about everything that matters for the Dutch Resistance Agent.They also have a Telegram broadcast channel where all the highlights are communicated. Everyone with a Telegram account can join the channel. 

„Made by and just for Resistance Netherlands!“

- NIRN -

Follow the link to join the channel: NIRNnieuws
Do you want to read all the news which is broadcasted into the channel? Go directly to the NIRN Google Plus page and request access.
Both the broadcast channel and the community are available in the Dutch language only.

When you are known agent of the Dutch Resistance community, you will be accepted as a member quite fast. When you don't have a lot of contact with you fellow players, it can take a little longer. In most cases someone of the NIRN team will contact you directly.